Official Transcript Printing for Schools

As the permanent and official record of enrollment, performance and graduation status of a student, a transcript is a document that is an obvious candidate for document security features.  It is the responsibility of the issuing school to protect against transcript counterfeiting.

As part of our document security services, My Bakersfield Printing offers several options for secure transcript printing.


  • Use of watermark paper
  • anti-copy pantograph
  • instant verification/authentication measures
  • Our paper will reveal the words  “UNOFFICIAL”  “COPY”  not VOID
  • Our thermal ink is on the back of the form, not the front.   It is less obtrusive and just as effective


  • Full bleed border
  • Custom Text in border
  • School logo on top
  • Screened logo in center
  • Transcript Signature lower right


  •                 School legend
  •                 Artificial Watermark
  •                 Custom Warning Box
  •                 Consecutive Numbering no missing numbers

These and other measures provide a truly secure solution for protection against transcript tampering and fraud.

Often used for transcript printing, watermark paper has proven to be an excellent safeguard against counterfeit attack both alone and when used in combination with other document security techniques. Watermark paper typically features a recognizable image or pattern that appears when held up to any light source. Watermark paper is effectively used to provide counterfeit protection for a variety of secure documents including stamps, money, birth certificates and more.