Achieving maximum accuracy downrange is the ultimate goal of any shooter or hunter. Knowing exactly where your bullet will hit not only ensures a clean kill, it also boosts a shooter’s confidence.

Our simple D.O.P.E. card will help you keep track of all this information.  Simple 3.5 tall X 2 wide in a matt finish so you can write on it with ease.

One of the best ways to know where a projectile will impact at known ranges is to create a Dope Card for your rifle-ammunition pairing.  Data on Personal Equipment or the more “tacti-cool” Data Observed from Previous Engagements. Knowing your rifle’s dope means understanding how to adjust the aiming point for bullet drop and/or wind drift.

All cards are printed on both sides on a 16pt thick card stock with a matt finish so you can write on them with ease.    Card size is 3.5 tall X 2 wide

1 card (Sample) 2.50

  • Pricing includes:
  • Free shipping in the congenital USA
  • Free Click action ballpoint pen, bullet shaped with solid brass barrel.
  • 100 D.O.P.E. Cards @ .75ea $75.00  
  • 250 D.O.P.E. Cards @ .36ea $90.00
  • 500 D.O.P.E. Cards @ .21ea $105.00
  • 1000 D.O.P.E. Cards  @ .120ea $120.00 

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