EDDM Mailing 93309

Reach your customers and let them know you are still open for Business or offering deliveries. We will be sending a Postcard to 2481 residents in the 93309 Zip code.
See map below. Addresses highlighted in Blue This will go in the mail on April 6th. We are a local business on District Blvd and want to
help our neighbors we are offering space on the postcard for as little as $99 per square inch of space

The more space the cheaper the price
• 1 square inch $199
• 2 square Inches @ $175 a square inch
• 3 square Inches @ $155 a square inch
• 4 square Inches @ $135 a square inch
• 5 square Inches @ $115 a square inch
• 6 or more square Inches @ $99 a square inch
Design is Included:

Just by example if you were to mail
to the same residents:
• Postage @.34ea = 843.54
• Postcards 297.50
• Design and labor?
• Minimum investment 1141.0

If you would like to be on this next mailing, please call Kyle Brown at 661-633-9300
or email kyle@baoa.us Deadline is March 27, 2020

Save 10% on your order by referring someone you know
if they buy a spot on the same postcard of any size you will get a 10% discount on your ad 3% discount for Cash Call Kyle at 661-633-9200

40% off Business Cards

This weeks special is on Classic Business Cards.

1000 Full Color Double Sided Business Cards on 14 or 16pt Card Stock with UV coating.  This week we are offiering a 40% discount. Plus tax and shipping.

Call now 661-633-9200.  Please email over your images and graphisc to kyle@baoa.us and include MBPBC Special in the subject line.

Included up to 1 hr of free design time.

Shipped directly to you in 5 to 7 days from proof approval.

Offer expires 3/27/2020