EDDM Mailing 93309

Reach your customers and let them know you are still open for Business or offering deliveries. We will be sending a Postcard to 2481 residents in the 93309 Zip code.
See map below. Addresses highlighted in Blue This will go in the mail on April 6th. We are a local business on District Blvd and want to
help our neighbors we are offering space on the postcard for as little as $99 per square inch of space

The more space the cheaper the price
• 1 square inch $199
• 2 square Inches @ $175 a square inch
• 3 square Inches @ $155 a square inch
• 4 square Inches @ $135 a square inch
• 5 square Inches @ $115 a square inch
• 6 or more square Inches @ $99 a square inch
Design is Included:

Just by example if you were to mail
to the same residents:
• Postage @.34ea = 843.54
• Postcards 297.50
• Design and labor?
• Minimum investment 1141.0

If you would like to be on this next mailing, please call Kyle Brown at 661-633-9300
or email kyle@baoa.us Deadline is March 27, 2020

Save 10% on your order by referring someone you know
if they buy a spot on the same postcard of any size you will get a 10% discount on your ad 3% discount for Cash Call Kyle at 661-633-9200

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